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To start my new blog I thought I might give my best answer to a question I am frequently asked:

What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner

Carpenters are a site based operative whereas Joiners are factory based manufacturers.

Often carpenters go under the title of “carpenters and joiners”.  This is in my opinion is a misleading title.  Carpenters do undertake joinery tasks on site, however in the majority of cases it’s only in its most basic format.  Very few parties operating under a “carpenters and joiners” title actually have workshop premises of their own capable of producing quality manufactured items.  Site based operatives generally requiring manufacture of joinery items will outsource them within their costs to joiners/manufacturers of their choosing.

Joiners or Joinery companies like my own are a different set up.  As a joiner, around 75% of my work is workshop based manufacture.  I install my own products and employ my own fitters for my products.  I have a wide range of industrial woodwork machinery available to me in order to undertake almost any task I am presented with, leaving me much more capable when it comes to accurate and complex woodwork.


  1. What is finish carpentry? How is it different from “regular” carpentry?

    • Hi

      Carpentry is not really my area however i can tell you that carpentry is normally described in building as either first or second fix. First fix being for example stud walling. Second fix which i presume is what your are describing as “finish carpentry” is things like fitting door linings, hanging doors and fitting skirting boards. First fix in essence is carpentry work within a building that is not seen upon building completion whereas second fix is all seen within the finished build. Hope this is of some help to you.


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