Window Swelling Problems

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Hello to all

Spring looks to be here finally! Building looks like business as usual again after the enormous amount of rain this past winter.

One topic I have spoken to a number of clients about these past few weeks I thought I would mention is that of what to do with water saturated sashes within windows. After heavy rain, often timber window sashes swell up making than hard or impossible to open. My best advice is simply not to as you may not be able to close them again. Instead be patient and wait for them to dry out, more often than not the swelling will recede as the timber dries.

If you do open them do not apply more protection like paint. Wait until they are fully dried out. Doing so before hand will do more harm than good trapping moisture within the units further damaging the window. Should your window sashes still not open properly after a spell of good dry weather, then that would be the time to sort out professional help as opening components may need attention.

Let’s all hope we have a fantastic summer with little rain. I feel we all need it.

Wayne Jenkinson

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