Reclaimed Timber and Reclaimed Oak Furniture

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Bespoke Joinery | 3 comments

Over the last couple of months we have been very busy undertaking various joinery projects from oak panel doors to oak bay windows with Georgian leaded lights.

Perhaps most interesting over the last couple of months has been the building of joinery items from reclaimed timber church pew components, for a couple in Sussex whom have recently converted an old church into their new home.

Thus far we have made two timber porch benches, a loft hatch and a double bed all from recycled components. This kind of work is something I am very keen to undertake partly because it it interesting however mostly because I will always actively encourage clients to re use materials where possible. It is my belief we would all be much better off for the future taking the kind of approach these clients have done.

Understandably not all builds produce the kind of waste that can be used in this kind of volume, however with the right mind set I am confident in the vast majority of cases materials labelled as waste can and should be re used even in case of the smallest quantities. In a situation where everybody acted like this the difference would be huge.


  1. I need some knowledge of carpentry before I go up north to learn
    how to build log homes. I don’t know anything about how to build
    a house! haha. . Any suggestions?. . Thanks in advance!.

  2. Hello

    I would say a god place to start would be to pop yourself online. Have a look at what your local college has to offer via way of short introduction courses. May of them offer short or evening introduction courses for wood work. It may be a good place to make a start. Hope this helps.


  3. I agree with Wayne, colleges are usually the best place to start to gain some knowledge on carpentry skills, it show i started anyway!

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