Hello to all

Last post of the year for me. I would first like to thank all of my clients and wish them a fantastic Christmas break. I have been exceptionally busy this year however however over the last two weeks have been working for myself in my own home which has been a great change. I have found it unusual to do so as it is rare to find time to place my own work in my own home due to time pressing commitments to other people. All together this kind of project is one i must say i favor . There is something to be said about being able to apply a professional skill and build joinery without any model...

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Timber types and timber protection

Hello to all I thought for my next entry I would touch upon the subject of different timber types and finishing application for external joinery items. To start as a quality manufacturer for external joinery applications I would always recommend hardwood timber. In this day and age it seems the quality of softwood material is nothing like the quality has been in years past. Softwood like unsorted redwood is by far the cheapest timber commonly available at present however I often ask customers to consider that paying more now for hardwood will save far more money in the future. Hardwood...

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