General Questions

What Makes A Good Joiner

Starting with the obvious, experience is probably the number one with attention to detail being a close second in my opinion. I have been asked this twice in the last month from people considering entering the industry. Of course, experience is impossible for those starting out so for those considering it I would suggest the ability to think in three dimensions  and visualize potential shapes is a key skill to at least have an understanding of before you start. Another key skill to have is the ability to problem solve. Most good joiners will tell you it is this ability which separates the...

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Welcome to the new Jenkinson’s Blog!

To start my new blog I thought I might give my best answer to a question I am frequently asked: What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner Carpenters are a site based operative whereas Joiners are factory based manufacturers. Often carpenters go under the title of “carpenters and joiners”.  This is in my opinion is a misleading title.  Carpenters do undertake joinery tasks on site, however in the majority of cases it’s only in its most basic format.  Very few parties operating under a “carpenters and joiners” title actually have workshop premises of their own...

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