Window Swelling Problems

Hello to all Spring looks to be here finally! Building looks like business as usual again after the enormous amount of rain this past winter. One topic I have spoken to a number of clients about these past few weeks I thought I would mention is that of what to do with water saturated sashes within windows. After heavy rain, often timber window sashes swell up making than hard or impossible to open. My best advice is simply not to as you may not be able to close them again. Instead be patient and wait for them to dry out, more often than not the swelling will recede as the timber dries. If you...

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What Makes A Good Joiner

Starting with the obvious, experience is probably the number one with attention to detail being a close second in my opinion. I have been asked this twice in the last month from people considering entering the industry. Of course, experience is impossible for those starting out so for those considering it I would suggest the ability to think in three dimensions  and visualize potential shapes is a key skill to at least have an understanding of before you start. Another key skill to have is the ability to problem solve. Most good joiners will tell you it is this ability which separates the...

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Planning and Timing

It would seem the recent good weather has prompted an awful lot of outside joinery this year in the form of replacement windows a doors. Of late I have found many customers to calling, having problems with lead times for outside work they are wanting completed before the end of the summer, finding almost all joinery firms to be too busy to undertake the work. With this in mind I thought I might mention to potential customers that it is sometimes wise to enquire for large outside projects a good few months before they are looking to have the projects start. For instance if you wanted to start...

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